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Plants that thrive in Cobb County


Carpet PhloxThe reason I love Carpet Phlox so much is that it is so delightful in March. When all the other plants are just starting to emerge from winter, Carpet Phlox is in full regalia, a feast for the eye. It enjoys a sunny location, even a hillside. It’s not fussy about soil but I always plant them in good soil so they can grow big. Shave off the top after the bloom is over to promote new growth. Benefits from regular watering but can go without. A good perennial slow release fertilizer like Osmocote works wonders. It’s best to get a few and plant them 2 feet apart so they can grow together and form … a CARPET!

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Snow and Summer Asiatic JasmineThe Snow ‘N’ Summer Asiatic Jasmine is just an excellent groundcover in summer. It gets a bit ratty after the freeze, so you cut them back completely and they return in May and June. 6 months of the year, they are outstanding. Pike's sells them only in the fall for about $10 each. I have eight and they always turn heads.

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Dwarf PlumbagoI have had great luck with Dwarf Plumbago. Don’t confuse it with Plumbago Auriculata which is a completely different plant that doesn’t do well in our zone 7A. I bought 16 Dwarf Plumbago to put on a hill under a tree where they get afternoon sunshine and they are doing great. They get about 18 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. I’ve put other plants in that spot and they all died, but not the dwarf plumbago. It seems to me that this plant can handle many different environments and be perfectly happy. They produce deep blue flowers from mid-summer into late fall.

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