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Plants that thrive in Cobb County


Pixie Japanese Maple in AprilYears ago, I picked up this Pixie Japanese Maple at Pike’s and I’m so glad I did, because it has stayed 6 feet tall and gets beautiful new red leaves in spring while the azaleas are in bloom. As summer comes along, the leaves turn green, but when it rains, new leaves form and they are bright red!

Pixie Japanese Maple in April.

Pixie Japanese Maple in early AugustPixie Japanese Maple in early August

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Forest Pansy RedbudForest Pansy Redbud is a Georgia Gold Medal Winner. I love mine because of its beautiful purplish pink blooms in spring, so pretty next to the dogwood that flowers at the same time. The leaves come in a deep red color, turning to green as the summer moves along. Walkers in the neighborhood always comment on this tree.

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Crape MyrtlesI just love my Crape Myrtles. I have three, and none of them gets particularly big. They are light pink, medium pink, and the dark pink one, Tonto, is in the middle. I tend to put Tonto in a lot of yards because it only gets 10 feet tall and wide, and it is literally covered in deep, rich pink blooms for 8 weeks. Nelson Plant Food makes a special crape myrtle fertilizer that helps, too. Crape myrtles must have 10 hours of sun a day to bloom properly. Don’t ever plant one in shade.

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